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Our story

Aurelia Soapworks was born in 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The brand image was completely rebuild in 2020, letting Aurelia Soapworks stand out of other small skincare companies in Sri Lanka by its unique branding and quality products.
In 2020, we expanded our product offerings by introducing eco friendly Beeswax candles.
Our founders have interests in design and the company was originally founded as a design company. In 2016, fed up of all the overpriced and lacklustre products on the market decided to turn their energy towards Aurelia Soapworks, a collection of exceptional skincare products. Focusing on quality material, good design, craftsmanship and sustainability, all products are the epitome of quality over quantity.
We are fascinated by the Bauhaus Movement's artists and architects. From Mies van der Rohe's works to Kandinsky's paintings, to Aalto's furniture, our products are designed to serve a utilitarian purpose in a cleverly simple way. We constantly  merge industrial design and utility, creating functional products made of luxurious and honest materials to improve people's lives in small but important ways.
Innovation being the key factor alongside aesthetic, Aurelia Soapworks is synonymous with functionality, luxury and affordability.