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Pina colada shampoo bar

Sale priceRs 550.00
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Say no to plastic bottles! Our shampoo bars eliminate the use of plastic. Our shampoo bars are designed to be good for the planet and good for the consumer. A single shampoo bar can get 25-30 washes.

Commercial liquid shampoos on the market include a cocktail of synthetic ingredients. Lather isn't necessary for a shampoo to clean well, but consumers typically expect shampoos to lather well. If it doesn't create creamy, luxurious lather, they come to the conclusion that the product doesn’t clean all that well. The dilemma is that few all-natural ingredients exist that provide ample lather. Most liquid products contain synthetic lathering agents, including SLS. SLS draws moisture from the skin and can cause dryness and irritation. This is especially of concern to those with psoriasis, eczema, dry skin or scalp conditions.

A Shampoo Bar resembles a bar of all natural soap but it is formulated especially for hair. One of the many advantages of Shampoo Bars is that they can be formulated using all-natural ingredients including vegetable oils, essential oils beneficial to the hair and scalp. They also tend to lather well.


Pina colada shampoo bar
Pina colada shampoo bar Sale priceRs 550.00